Sometimes it’s handy to make a pdf document. I love pdf, it’s easy to send, easy to link to, easy to use. The best thing is that you can layout your document exactly the way you like it and nobody can change it, which is not the case with a word document.

Often we create documents in word, but when we share them and want them to be printable documents or forms, it’s easier to change your word document to a pdf file.

Many of our clients do not have software to convert documents with, so I went online to see how difficult it would be to do for free. It’s not hard at all. If you have a lot of documents to do, buy software, but if you just need to convert now and then, the free online version works fine. There are lots of places to go, I only tried one.

Click on the image below to view my short video:

change word document to pdf

Watch the video now!

People talk about it, but no one could really tell me what it does, or what it’s good for. Then I found this video — it was an aha-moment for me, because I have this problem all the time. If you work with clients and deal with long email conversations, you’ll recognize this too. Is Google Wave going to help keeping email conversations from becoming huge misunderstandings? Take a look.

Here is a short video that introduced Google Voice. I recently got my invitation, and I’m getting ready to set it up.

I think this is going to be very useful to us small business owners. Can you imagine to be able to sort your calls this way – and to customize voice greetings.