Sometimes it’s handy to make a pdf document. I love pdf, it’s easy to send, easy to link to, easy to use. The best thing is that you can layout your document exactly the way you like it and nobody can change it, which is not the case with a word document.

Often we create documents in word, but when we share them and want them to be printable documents or forms, it’s easier to change your word document to a pdf file.

Many of our clients do not have software to convert documents with, so I went online to see how difficult it would be to do for free. It’s not hard at all. If you have a lot of documents to do, buy software, but if you just need to convert now and then, the free online version works fine. There are lots of places to go, I only tried one.

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change word document to pdf

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People talk about it, but no one could really tell me what it does, or what it’s good for. Then I found this video — it was an aha-moment for me, because I have this problem all the time. If you work with clients and deal with long email conversations, you’ll recognize this too. Is Google Wave going to help keeping email conversations from becoming huge misunderstandings? Take a look.

I was reading an interesting and fun article by Sarah Perez on How to Make Facebook Useful Again . *
The author points out that the younger crowd has almost completely turned to Facebook or MySpace for communication – including emailing. In a way, it’s understandable. It’s a little bit like living in a gated community, at least you have to be a member and I have to approve you as a friend before we can communicate. My normal inbox doesn’t work that way and wading through email is probably one of the biggest time wasters we deal with in a workday. Read more

When you work on a project with a group of people it’s easy to get lost when documents constantly get revised and changed. It’s easy to get bombarded with emails, changes and updates and loose track of which version is the correct version.

For us, Google Docs has been the solution to keep our projects on track and the group informed. It’s easy to share documents and work on a piece of text together. You can also share the action item list so that everyone can access it. Nowadays, we rely on Google docs to keep all our projects organized.

Watch this short video to quickly find out how easy it is to get started.

Email Program

There are two ways to send and receive email. You can use an email program installed on your computer, like Outlook or Eudora, or you can use an online web mail account such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail.

Many people have lots of websites and lots of email addresses to keep up with. For example, you might use one email address for your private email, and another email address for your business.

We prefer using gmail. It’s easy, and you can always get to your email even when you’re traveling. I also like the fact that I can set up gmail to automatically label my email or toss it directly into folders for me. It makes it easy if you can color-code or label incoming mail; sort it in folders and so on.

Lately, I’ve started to use gmail as my GTD organizer. I label things according to actions needed, such as next-action, waiting, to do etcetera. It works well for me.

The rules function in gmail  is just awesome. Some of my customer service requests I automatically forward to our customer service representative for example. My son’s soccer schedule automatically forwards to him.

I used outlook for a very long time, and it has some great functions with mail merge and group emails and so on. But I have to say, that gmail can do most things just as well. I create groups frequently. For example, I have created a group for soccer parents in our car pool group. Whenever I need to send out a schedule change or something, I just send a quick email to the group instead.

Another big reason I started using gmail was the problem we had with spam. When I used outlook I constantly had to spend time fighting the virus problems and sort a lot of spam. The problem with getting viruses on my computer completely disappeared when we started with gmail. Also, the spam filter is excellent. I hardly see any spam anymore.

You can take the tour and find out if this is a solution for you by clicking here.