Recommendations and Payments

There’s been quite a discussion lately regarding the new FTC rules that went into effect on Dec 1, 2009. As far  as I understand, it means that we bloggers have to point out when we receive payment to review or give our opinion about a product – or  let you know when we’re given a product for free.

I’d gladly review someone’s product if they sent me a copy, and the product is something my audience  would be interested in. This selection is strictly personal and based on nothing but my own opinion.

Some of the products I talk about, and recommend, includes a link to a website where you can by the actual product. If you buy the product I sometimes get a commission.  This commission payment will be used to pay for costs for running the website, such as hosting, having a computer, my internet connection, telephone bill etc.
So far haven’t made enought to offset my cost, but I still want you to know, that when you click on a link in a review that is what happens. If you don’t want to help me pay for my costs, then don’t buy anything from this site.


I also sometimes allow advertising on this website. This is another form of income generation. So far, I have not made enough to offset my costs, but I still want you to know about it. If you don’t want me to make any money from my blog, then please, don’t click on any of the ads either.

Making money

In short, I don’t mind making money from my blog. Actually, I wish I would be making all my money from just writing, but that’s not yet the case. If you want to make sure this never happens, then do not click on any links or buy anything from this site.

If you’re interested in what the FTC regulations say, here is the link.